Going Green

For us there are always environmental concerns, the environment inside the shop directly affecting our workers and the one that we all share.

Wood Furnace In our business we make mounds of dust and chips. Where before we simply collected our waste with a vacume system for disposal we now feed everything, including our scrap wood (after it's been chipped) into a compacting machine. The compactor uses a hydraulic ram to press the chips into very dense pucks and we then burn these pucks for heat in a super effecient furnace reducing our waste, energy costs, emisions and our reliance on fossil fuels.

Another normally toxic area is paint. That's why we switched to ICA paint, whose strategic objective is, "Producing state-of-the-art water-based coatings that deliver excellent aesthetic results on furniture and interior decor while reducing the impact on the user and the environment." Compared to other paints, ICA paints produce almost no fumes when sprayed or toxins into the environment as they break down.