Our Shop

Crafting our own custom moulding knives for our 5 head, 9" capacity moulder insures accuracy and helps us to maintain project schedule so you can be certain there's little mill related work we can't accomplish.

We achieve our high quallity work with some of the best tools available including 3-Axis and 5-axis computer driven routers that makes quick work out of sheet goods, mouldings, stair parts, volutes, carved details and other truly 3 dimensional and curved pieces.

Our computer driven lathe turns finials, balusters, newels and some of the largest columns in the region. In addition to all this high tech equipment, we maintain some old standards that makes what we're able to do for our clients special.

Versatile tools and skilled employees mean little in New England without a solid reputation behind them and we've succeeded over the years in building strong relationships with some of Maine's most respected builders including: Knickerbocker Group, Cold Mountain Builders, Fine Lines Construction, Bruce Laukka Inc, Simply Home and Wright-Ryan Construction.

So remember us the next time you have a job that requires our exacting standards.